How do I get involved?


Each year, the International Law Competitions Association selects teams for the various competitions in which we participate.

Depending on the period of the competition and the preparation time required, selections are held at the end of the school year (May - June) for competitions to be held the following year in April - May or after the beginning of the school year (December - January) for the April and June races.

Any law or international student can test his / her knowledge and skills by applying for a team that he / she likes.

Selection usually involves sending a CV and a cover letter and a follow-up invitation for a short interview. For the interview, the student must have prepared a pre-sent case law related to the competition.

At the interview, a panel of judges from the Association with experience in international law competitions asked questions of both general nature and the case sent. The interview takes about 20 minutes and is conducted in the language in which the competition will be conducted.

Find out if your university has a team for the race you want to participate in -> apply for the team or contact us to create a new team with yours.